Simply a lover of fabulous people, fashion & the world of glamour. Also very fond of my femininity which led me to create a blog for girls, women & followers alike, The Powder Room, formerly known as, Powdered Pink & Pretty. It was made to add a touch of femininity to life, love, & everything in between. As well as, enhance readers’ feminine side, one post at a time.

Well, at the start of The Powder Room, I began finding myself blogging more about fashion than anything else. As I was growing up, I was always fascinated by this industry because to me, it’s a world of its own and a lifestyle to many. There’s such beauty and art in fashion. A form of individual expression.

Therefore, I just had to create a sole blog about it and voila {la femme} Meets Fashion, was born. I have style and an eye for fashion, yet, I am still learning. With {la femme} Meets Fashion, I am tapping into my creative side and encountering many new things, trends, style and more. My new found love for fashion blogging has allowed me to share this experience with readers, which has also led me to do image consulting and render unique services at V. Luxe Image Consulting.

I am very aware that image means more than appearance, it's your confidence. It's in the way you look, talk, walk and present yourself as a whole. It is very involved in detail and while fashion styling clients, I began making suggestions on other areas of improvement. It was then that I knew I wanted to become an image consultant. After a few years in healthcare, working with people and caring for clients from all different walks of life became my niche, but now I am passionate about caring for them in another way and specialty, image!

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