Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Bling Factor: Henri Bendel

  One day I was browsing online for arm candy and came across Henri Bendel. The online store had so many adorable pieces, so when I saw the store pop up in Mall of Millenia, Orlando, I was so excited. Now, I'm always so excited to go into Henri Bendel, I'm seriously like a kid in a candy store. I love 'bling' and bedazzle but I do wear it in moderation. It is mainly to enhance an outfit, while it also enhances my personality.

  Henri Bendel, is especially great for those who are lovers of diamonds but don't want to spend diamond money. I love diamonds but I also love costume jewelry. The difference is, I like my jewelry to be tasteful and not glass looking. Sometimes that can look tacky and trust me I'm not going for that look. With Swarovski crystals, his jewelry avoids it. 

  Well, I'm sure you've seen this trend as of lately, where girls are stacking their bracelets/ bangles. I'm not Mr. T, but I do enjoy layering jewelry. Henri Bendel has a great selection of jewels and for a great cost. You can find his stores in New York, of course and other locations. If you're in the Orlando area, there's a store in Mall of Millenia. The fashionable Bendel girls are great there and it'll be their pleasure to help you!

*Disclaimer: Not all of my pieces in the picture are from Henri Bendel. This is just an idea of how to stack your fave pieces.


  1. I love those pieces u put together! Help! I love the look, but I have no idea where to start:/

  2. Hey CoCoBeauty, well thank you so much! To be honest it's all about what you love and your personality. You get a bangle/bracelet from one place or several places and start stacking them together. For more dressy looks, Henri Bendel has great pieces. Hope this helps.